Hanbook Restaurant

Mother & Son
می 30, 2020
می 5, 2020


 Project • Hanbook Restaurant

 Location • Sohrevardi-Tehran

 Design • @hanane.elyasi

 Date • 2019

( Area • 700m2 ( Renovation


Maximum use of unit two-part space (-1,-2 floor), creating a sense of peace and security in space that is located in underneath levels and finally solving the wide columns that are not strengths in a commercial unit, has been one of the project conflicts

The clients request, Locating the aquarium in the restaurant space was our main idea for the octagonal pond in the middle of the void

also the calculating water gutter around the unit plan with thick glass ceiling to create a cozy Atmosphere for the aquarium’s beautiful fish display

The first underneath floor is assigned to the VIP and CIP space that have a more cozy and quieter space than the other ones

Complexes beneath level is somewhere with an iranian themed seating area and restaurant