Damavand Villa

Renovation Project
ژوئن 11, 2020
Mother & Son
می 30, 2020

 Project • Damavand Villa
Location • Damavand
Design • @hanane.elyasi
Material • Brick
Date • 2019
Area • 1000m2

A Garden is the Context of design. To escape the busy Urban life, Communication with Nature and Holding family get to gethers were the Clinet’s two main demands which have been answered in the Design process. The First step in Designing the Villa was to Study the Climate of the Region and to Find Out Plan Direction and the Entrance of the Building Due to the Prevailing wind Position which has Rotated to provide more Climate and Environmental Comfort. Other Features of Designing include:
Sustainable Architectural Approaches
Make minimum use of Site Features
Consider Appropriate Shadows
Orientation of the main Bulding in the Desired wind Direction